Patient Monitor/Central Monitoring System


C80 is the new generation of intensive care patient monitor. It is specially designed for ICU/CCU/...
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STAR 8800

Perfect integration of network system and monitoring technology brings unlimited care Dual 19...
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Lifegain CU-HD1

Someone goes down in cardiac arrest, rescucitation is just a hand away Efficient and biphasic...
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The Parmedic CU-ER5 defibrilaltor monitor is designed to accommodate both basic and advanced life...
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iPAD NF1200

Intelligent Public Access Defibrilaltor (IPAD) Defibrillation capability for the general public...
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Infusion Pump/Syringe Pump


Constant innovation makes ME600 infusion pump more precise, more safe and easier to use 4...
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M200A can be connected to the station system to control syringes through combined ways. Safe...
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Indirect Calorimetry

Quark RMR

The new standard for Resting Energy Expenditure measurement in research and clinical practice...
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Metabolic Monitor


The new generation of metabolic monitors for indirect calorimentry in clinical practice and...
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