X-ray Machine

Accuray Series

Accuray is a general diagnosis X-ray system, its approriate image is provided accordance with...
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Digital Radiography (DR) System


The new digital generation Innovision covers the spectrum of clinical requirements and drastically...
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Mobile X-ray (Film or DR)

Jolly 30

The lightest, easy to maneuver, small and compact radiographic unit featuring high power output....
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It can be simply upgraded current analog mobile X-ray systems to have DR capability. In addition,...
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Computed Radiography (CR) System

ExamvueCR PRO

The ExamvueCR PRO scanner offers a combination of high image quality, affordability, speed and...
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Mammography Machine


ELMA is high frequency inverter type mammography x-ray system High frequency inverter system...
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Mobile C-Arm


Prostar is a compact and state of the art  medical system with high quality materials. It is...
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Ultrasound Machine

MyLab 8

MyLab Eight platform is the culmination of Esaote's dedicated R&D with the aim of meeting...
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CT Scan

Openmark III

C-shape open magnet design allows the widest possible view and makes patients more comfortable. It...
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PowerLink eliminates limitations of today's rotating gantry systems such as component failures...
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